PROPROCUREMENT focuses on the following areas:



PROPROCUREMENT is built upon the realization that companies do not concentrate on indirect spent. Therefore, procurement contracts often end in no man’s land without a strategic focus. Companies are losing money because they underestimate the potential financial gain that could be laying ahead.

PROPROCUREMENT acts as an external contract negotiator for businesses that wish an impartial and unbiased assessment of existing contract portfolios.

Renegotiation of strategic organization contracts

Strategic procurement and indirect contract administration are short in supply in organizations around the globe.

  • Who handles the insurance portfolio?
  • Who buys fuel?
  • Who assures cost competitive terms in general contract agreements?

PROPROCUREMENT provides an overview of your existing contract portfolios, which presents an in-depth understanding of your current financial situation. Consequently, PROPROCUREMENT showcases an analysis and roadmap for potential cost reductions in existing indentures. This presents us with opportunities to renegotiate current contracts, which creates a financial incubator that includes; 1) insights, 2) overview, and 3) results.

Hereafter, my focus shifts. I then concentrate on implementing any changes within the organization.

Project management

It means everything to be on time. PROPROCUREMENT manages and facilitates projects for a large variety of clients where being on time matters. I assure that projects stay on track, receive the needed attention, and finish on time – this is one of PROPROCUREMENT’s trademarks.

PROPROCUREMENT also guarantees professionalization of current working procedures and implementation of management tools, which ensure that the executive board and the directorates have the same frame of reference.

Management advisory

Do your vision and mission consolidate your strategy? Ongoing assessment is necessary to stay on course, adjust and move forward.

PROPROCUREMENT assists directorates and executive boards in assuring strategic decisions are implemented throughout the entire organization.

I often see companies with significant growth rates lose the strategic overview, and the readiness to changes suddenly becomes a challenge.

This is where PROPROCUREMENT strives and makes a unique difference.